Badge Classes

​In our beginner classes we are very thankful to once again have David teaching and Janine coordinating Fridays classes. Our helpers for Term Two are : Rosa, Holly, Amy, Megan, Hannah, Hunter we would like to take this opportunity to thank them all in advance, for their time and effort in helping our skaters in class.

If you are no longer wishing to attend class please can you let me know, also if you no longer wish to receive our newsletters please let me know so I can take you of our email list, thanks.

Happy Skating!

Payment Schedule

Badge Class fees paid within the first two weeks of term qualify for a $10 reduction in fees, your invoice will reflect this and is handed out in the first week of term.

​Payments should be paid to:

Rotorua Roller Skating Club
Kiwibank – 38 9015 0323823 00

Please reference your child’s name and badge class.
Fees that are outstanding at the end of term may incur a late penalty.

We also run: Adult skates, Development squads, Fun Skates, Mid year show, Annual Christmas Show, Open Practices & Family Skate


We would like to take the chance to let you know that we are changing the format of our classes. At present skaters work through each badge then move up to the next. With skaters all developing and learning at different rates and with different needs, often some skaters move through quickly and others more slowly. This can be really hard on skaters if they are feel they don’t progress as well as others and can mean skaters who progress quickly spend time learning things they already know, or skipping important content.

We have decided therefore to use a different model in our classes, one used for other dance related sports. Each class will have two separate groups, skaters will stay in these groups for the whole year, irrelevant of progress, in the groups we will have several helpers so all levels of skating are catered for.

At the end of the year skaters will take part in the show and sit a small proficiency test and move to another group.

This way skaters stay with their group and will also have the opportunity to learn at their level without the constant shuffle of badge lines or badge tests. Skaters that finish term one in badge 1 or 2 will become the Bunny Hoppers, those that finished in Badges 3 & 4 will be the Spread Eagles. In class two we will have three groups. This will take effect from the beginning of term two. Times remain the same unless you have been told your skater is moving classes. Only the structure within the class will change.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns, thanks May

Class times​

Beginner Learn to Skate Class
Fridays – 4pm to 5pm

​Intermediate Artistic Class 2
Fridays – 4.45 pm to 5.45pm

Senior Artistic Skate Class 1 & 2
Fridays – 6.15 pm
Mondays – 5.25pm

Senior Artistic Jumps & Spins
Wednesdays – 5.25pm

Our Policy

By Attending Badge Class or any other skating event held by the Rotorua Artistic Skating Group or Rotorua Roller Skating Club you agree that all skaters skate at their own risk and agree to pay the tuition fees set out and agreed upon for that event.

Please note that from time to time images from skating maybe used in publications in relation to Skating Classes and Events. While every effort is made to inform you as a parent/guardian when this will happen, it is not always possible. Please inform us if you do not want your child’s image used.


  • Please make sure all skaters come with socks.
  • No food or drink can be consumed on the rink.
  • Please for safety, supervise your non skating children as they must not run onto the rink while skaters are skating as it can be dangerous.
  • Lynmore school has asked that we do not allow any children to use their gym equipment including the climbing rails.
  • Water & ice blocks will be sold during the summer months at Badge class and some practises.
  • During practise all skaters younger then 12yrs must be supervised by a parent/caregiver.