The committee’s focus is to successfully run the day to day operations of our club.
We are also committed to fundraising and seeking funding to make our sport more affordable and inclusive for all skaters.
We are excited about our new purchase of costumes for our show and quad groups which will be performing in our shows and also in competition.
A big thank you to Lynmore School for continuing to provide us with a venue and support our skaters in such a positive way.

President: Aly Bennett
Treasurer: Melanie Fraser
Secretary: May Hook
Fundraising: Rayoni Phillips, Roseanne Harris, Michelle McLeod
Uniforms & Leotards: Fiona Sparks, Irma van Niekerk
Google Calendar: Fiona Sparks
Beginner Badge Class Coordnator: Janine Anderson
Senior and Advanced Badge Classes: May Hook
Practice Supervisor: Clare Slater, Janine Anderson, May Hook
Funding: Gill Todd, Janine Anderson
Newsletters: May Hook
Committee Members: Melanie Fraser, Janine Anderson, Michelle Mcleod, Irma van Niekerk, Carolyn Wilson, Aly Bennet, Lamees Stevens, Roseanne Harris, Rayoni Phillips, Fiona Cameron, Fiona Sparks, May Hook, Gill Todd, Clare Slater, Fiona Simmonds.