Intermediate Level Class

Super Spinners, Spread Eagles & Trojans.

Fridays 4.45pm to 5.45pm

This class is for skaters who are at an Intermediate level.

Classes start with a combine drill where skaters get the opportunity to improve their skating skills it is fun and fast paced.

Skaters then break into their groups all working at a different levels, meaning they progress at there own speed while remaining in their group.

Show & routine work, fundamental to our classes is that skaters learn to perform in a group routine, this builds confidence and also team work. It also means that skaters from this class will be confident to be able to take part in our two annual show.

​At the end of each term there is a themed fun skate.​

Hire of Skates is possible but we do encourage skaters to look at purchasing their own artistic skates, as the content they will be working on in these classes is more advanced then our hire skates are able to perform.

Cost: $85 with a $10 reduction to $75 if fees are paid in the first 2 weeks of term. ( There is a further reduction for sibling who also attend)
Enrollments for all classes are essential