Competition Skaters Classes
For skaters who choose Artistic Roller Skating as their sport and wish to compete, we run many different classes and individual programmes

  • Spin & Jump Squads
  • Fitness & Training Classes
  • Show Group Classes
  • Quad Group Class
  • Individual Freestyle Lessons
  • Individual Figure lessons
  • Fun Skates
  • Holiday Practises & Classes.

REMINDER: Sportsdrome Practice, please check the calendar for dates




Sportsdrome early morning Wednesday training from 7am to 8am during term time.

Just to clarify, Wednesday morning’s training is not a free practise time to do as you want, it is instead a set program of training, exercises and fitness, skaters are expected to be prompt, do what everyone else is doing, work hard and not chat on the rink during the training.


off skates

  • Jogging 3 x around Hall
  • Stretching exercises
  • 10 x star jumps
  • 2x Hop up rink
  • 5 x 1/2 rotation jumps ( 2 foot landing)
  • 5 x single rotation jumps ( 2 foot landing)
  • 5 x single rotation jump ( 1 foot landing)
  • Mario stretches on skates

on skates

  • Sandwich Forwards x 2 Backwards x 2
  • Glide Forward x 2 backward x2
  • Spread x4
  • Spiral Forward x2 backward x2
  • Shoot the duck to ship combo x 4
  • High leg, cross spiral, lay back x 4
  • hot dog, heel spread x 4


Hi Skaters just a reminder how important it is for everyone to attend show group lessons and practises, if we have someone missing it impacts the whole team, please be mindful of this when making plans during the term

many thanks May

Individual Lesson

As I am sure you are all aware we can no longer change our booking with the Lynmore Gym. This affects us in many ways but mostly when a skater can not make their individual lesson, as we can no longer cancel time if someone is away.

So if you are not going to be able to make an individual lesson, firstly please look at the lesson timetable and see if you can swap with someone, if you can’t then please let May know and she will try. Unfortunately as parents we will still be responsible for paying the rent if we can’t swap.

Please try to change lesson times if you can as we have such a shortage of time it would be a real shame to have a rink empty and still paying rent.

A Tale of a Great Skater

  1. Want, I want to do this, I love to Skate​
  2. Drive, I fall I get up, I turn up to practise, I push on when it is hard, I hear my coach
  3. Think, What have I been taught what makes this spin / jump work, follow the steps, practise correctly
  4. Do, I am committed to lessons, practises, I wear sport clothing so I can practise well, I am hydrated and nourished I have energy,
  5. Reflect, What worked what didn’t, forge ahead if working or rethink if not,go back to basics, how does that jump spin / work.
  6. Accept – Gracious in Winning, Gracious in not, Be kind to yourself, I am learning to accept highs and lows, be proud of where and who you are right now.
  7. Thank, be thankful for this opportunity, for parents commitment, your coach, helpers
  8. Resilience – I fall – I get up, I build, I grow stronger ……